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Good morning!

On Friday, in the midst of dissertation writing, my SoulSilver arrived. I had a planned team - Typhlosion, Omastar, Victreebel, Noctowl, Umbreon and Ampharos. Simples, no?

Then, my Togepi egg hatched.

Now, I can't help myself but have Tormaline, my little Togepi, lead - I'm hoping he'll evolve to a Togetic today - and he's now replaced Noctowl in my list of pokémon I was going to have on my team. I'm so attached to him. Yesterday (having dropped a baking tray on my foot - long story), I was being waited on and was playing SS with my foot up, I was wandering around Ilex Forest, and suddenly let out a squee that made my husband jump, the dog wake up and my mum to spill her tea. All I could say was...

"Awh, Tormaline is rolling in the grass! :3" Needless to say, there was much eye rolling that followed.

So what pokémon have you grown attached to so much now that they can follow you? Any team-plans changed now that Rattata can follow you around, sniffing the air, singing and walking into things?

(I hope this post is okay!)
Florges [pokémon]
27th-Mar-2010 02:26 am - Let's see if I can do this right....
So, the darnedest thing happened to my Rattata tod-


But, on the topic of Joey, I freaking love the Pokegear. For reals. I would just like to say that the phonecalls I've received are honestly adorable- from Irwin's stalkerish question assault to Ralph's little chats about his kid sharing their pokeballs with him after losing a Pokemon. Even when Ethan won't stop talking about his Marril. They seriously brighten my day, and I do love to ring people back. (Especially when I'm standing only a short distance away from them- Anthony's response to that sort of behaviour is my favourite so far!) I'm glad that there's now unlimited space for numbers, because I think that, if the original Silver and Gold had been this cute with their phone conversations, it would have been almost heartbreaking to choose who to stay in touch with and who to have to say no to!

These games have to be the cutest yet. I am reduced to giggles and far too loud 'squees' almost every time some new message pops up. And they make forming personalities for my Pokemon all too easy. I have a Furret who gets claustrophobic in long grass, and a Croconaw who's afraid of the dark. I even think that, were I to have one of the Zubat family to follow me about, I might get over my outright fear of the family, simply due to the cute factor.

So, to encourage some discussion, tell me what you find cutest so far? Is it Whitney's candy-box-designed gym? Is Liz's gushing over her Nidoran? Is it your Gyarados finding peace in the meditation man's house? Tell me!
23rd-Mar-2010 01:46 pm - ** FAQ **
This is the frequently asked questions post. Go here if you need to know something.

What is the community about?
pokebonds is a community where players of the Pokemon games share their experiences about their Pokemon and other trainers.

Cool. But how do you post?
You can post in any format really. You can post straight out like "My Rattata did the darndest thing today!", or you could even post it like a story or an entry in a diary. Discussions are also encouraged, like if your Pokemon did something peculiar and you ask if anyone else has experienced it. It can be any way you want, but make sure to put an lj cut for post that are long.

How do you tag?
There are three different tags that you may use - the pokemon tag, the character tag, and the genre tag. With the Pokemon tag, you just put whatever Pokemon is involved. Same thing with the character tag, except you put the name of the character the experience is with. With the genre tag, you state one of the following that applies to your post: funny/weird, scary, happy, or sad. So basically, the tags could be like this as an example: pokemon: ditto, genre: funny/weird or character: clair, genre: sad.

My question wasn't here!
Don't worry, just comment to this post with it and I'll answer it.
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
23rd-Mar-2010 01:21 pm - ** Guidelines **
Before posting, make sure to read the rules thoroughly.

1. A proper code of conduct is used at all times. Fun is encouraged, but please act maturely. No teasing, harrassment, bullying, flaming, e.t.c. If you do so, you will be banned.
2. This community is meant to archive a player's or another player's experience with their Pokemon and other characters in the Pokemon games, so the posts should only be about that. Other subjects can be involved, but if it has nothing about experiences with Pokemon, then the post will be deleted.
3. Make sure to tag your posts. To learn how to tag them, go to this post.
4. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please comment in the FAQ.
5. Anything rated 18+ is not allowed. Content 17 and under should be put under an lj cut if need be.
6. Also use an lj cut if your post is particurlarly long.

Get it? Got it? Good, now get to posting!
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
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